Top Reasons to See Dr. Dario Valencia for Dentures

Deciding If Dentures Are Right for You

There are times, for whatever reason, when even a dentist with the skills of Dr. Valencia can’t save your teeth. This is particularly true for elderly patients who are experiencing bone loss. For those individuals, best replica rolex dentures are often the best choice. Dentures come in either full or partial sets.

The Process Involved in Getting Dentures

Dr. Valencia will begin by making an impression of your natural teeth. After that, a mold of your teeth is made. It is from this mold that your dentures will be made. After that, Dr. Valencia will begin extracting your teeth, a process that normally requires several visits to his Austin, TX office. Special care is taken to make sure that you experience very little pain during the healing process.

Finally, Dr. Valencia will fit you with your new set of personalized dentures, making certain that they fit snugly and comfortably. Your new dentures last for many, many years, but they will need to be adjusted on occasion over time.

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